“Christmas For the Elves” Holiday Special

This half hour holiday special is the largest animation I have ever completed, featuring all of my illustration and character design. I built the animation in After Effects, Cinema4D, and Animate.

The magical golf cart is 3D modeled in Cinema4D. The characters are rigged with After Effects expressions to sliders and buttons that use time remaps, linear parameters, and if/else statements.

John McKeever wrote the script, gave me art direction, and completed the final sound design. Most of the voice acting was recorded with the broadcast network's hosts, who did a fantastic job especially given they recorded separately due to the pandemic.

I art directed two animators who were able to help towards the end of the project. Eric Fleming did a fantastic job animating the dashboard panels. And Hector Ortiz rigged the dog: creating a flying loop, walk cycle, and cart lift. Both also assisted me with the lip-sync mouth generation, using the files I setup in Animate.

I am extremely proud of this project, especially considering our small team finished it in just 6 months. Fun Fact: The Charlie Brown Christmas Special was also produced in just 6 months.

This is a QVC original that belongs to QRG.

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