Manetuwak // Spirits

Filmed and animated by Marie V. Thresher (3DS Max and After Effects)
Art Director: Chris Landau

“The Lenape believed that nature was full of spirits. These spirits were called Manetuwak.” -Anne Dalton, The Lenape

Filmed at Wissahickon Valley Park, located in Philadelphia, PA.

Inspired by the Tedyuscung Statue. According to the Friends of the Wissahickon: “This kneeling warrior was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Henry and carved in 1902 by John Massey Rhind (1860-1936). The statue is situated on Council Rock, the site where the Lenape Tribe are believed to have held gatherings.”

The Lenape’s origin story cites the birth of 3 animals as the first in the world: a deer, a bear, and a wolf. As humans, we all embody a characteristic of each. We are either timid/innocent, brave/just, or cunning/bloodthirsty.

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